MM&A specializes in

producing Ferro Alloys such as

Ferro Titanium and Ferro Zirconium

Recently MM&A has expanded its facility by adding a full service Ferro Alloys division specializing in Ferro Titanium and Ferro Zirconium. Please see specific information about these products below.

Ferro Zirconium

The master alloy is used in the ferrous metal  industry. It is a powerful deoxidiser, a strong good grain refiner  and is effective in de-nitriding of metal as well as being a modifier of sulphide shape. With the addition of a suitable quantity of zirconium via the alloy; yield strength, impact resistance and harden ability of steels are all improved.

MMA produce Ferro zirconium to the requirements of every customer. The main production from our Canadian factory is at 60% or 80% Zirconium, but this can be adjusted to the needs of the customer. Residual elements can also be tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.  MMA can supply alloy with very low levels of residual elements where this is necessary.

Ferro zirconium is a very reactive alloy and is generally supplied to the customer with a particle size in excess of 5 mm to avoid problems with the pyrophoric nature of the material. Product with a particle size of less than 5mm can be offered by special arrangement.

MMA is fully conversant with the shipping requirements of such material and can assist the customer in the shipping and handling of the material.

We take much care in the packaging and shipment at MMA. Material is packaged in robust, suitable packaging for the material. All packaging is UN and ISP 15 approved.

In house proprietary systems allow full traceability of our material and sophisticated tracking systems within the factory ensure batch integtity throughout the process

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements

Ferro Titanium

Ferro Titanium 70% is a low residual, low melting point titanium alloy consumed in the steel industry.

Mississauga Metals and Alloys is a fairly new producer to the world of ferrotitanium. However MMA has invested in new, state of the art equipment for the production of the alloy.

MMA can offer alloy in lump or powder form, to the specific dimensional and chemical needs of the customer.

Ferro Titanium is produced using specially selected blends of  titanium scrap and low carbon steel scrap in an induction furnace.

The scrap blend is such that 70% Titanium content is contained in the final product, and that the other residual elements are controlled to the specific requirements of the customer.

Material is produced , crushed to size and packaged all in the same facility in Brantford Ontario, Canada. Thius ensures that MMA always is in full controlof the material and can ensure the integrity of the product. Material sampling and testing is made in our own on site laboratory. External analysis is available upon request .

Material can be sized and packaged to your needs

A typical standard grade chemistry is shown below , but please contact us to discuss your requirements, chemistry can be tailored to your needs

Ferro Titanium 70% Standard Grade

Typical Analysis

Ti. 68 – 72%
Al. 5.00% max
V. 3.0% max
Sn. 0.50% max
Si. 0.25% max
C. 0.15% max
N. 0.50% max

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