MM&A specializes in

producing Ferro Alloys such as

Ferro Titanium and Ferro Zirconium

Ferro Titanium

Ferro Titanium 70% is a low residual, low melting point titanium alloy consumed in the steel industry.

MMA can offer alloy in lump or powder form, to the specific dimensional and chemical needs of the customer.

The scrap blend is such that 70% Titanium content is contained in the final product, and that the other residual elements are controlled to the specific requirements of the customer.

Material is produced, crushed to size, and packaged all in the same facility in Brantford Ontario, Canada. MM&A always is in full control of the material and can ensure the integrity of the product.

Material sampling and testing is made in our own on site laboratory.

External analysis is available upon request.

Material can be sized and packaged to your needs.

A typical standard grade chemistry is shown below, but please contact us to discuss your requirements, chemistry can be tailored to your needs

Ferro Titanium 70% Standard Grade

Typical Analysis

Ti. 68 – 72%
Al. 5.00% max
V. 3.0% max
Sn. 0.50% max
Si. 0.25% max
C. 0.15% max
N. 0.50% max


MM&A has extensive knowledge on exporting Ferro Titanium worldwide.

Please contact us for further information.

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